Dementia Clocks

Dementia Clocks

We have a selection of programmable clocks ideal for those who have memory loss as a result of dementia. These clocks can display the time, morning and afternoon and day. Voice announcement alarms can also be set for specific times of day.

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    Dementia Wall Clock

    The Dementia Wall Clock is easy to see and is designed to help those living with Dementia in remembering which day of the week it is. Offers reassurance to those living with Dementia.

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    Rosebud Dementia Reminder Clock

    The Rosebud Reminder Dementia Clock has been developed to help prompt people with Dementia and Alzheimer’s to carry out daily tasks and is aimed at relieving stress and anxiety that can b...

    £80.00 ex VAT
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    DayClox 8 Inch Digital Day Clock

    The Day Clock has been designed to help people with Dementia or Alzheimers. It features a simple and clear display showing the time, day and year.

    £79.17 ex VAT
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    Day and Night Dementia Clock

    The Day and Night Dementia Clock is a traditional clock that has the added special feature of displaying visual prompts of the sun and moon. It is a great help for people who get confused...

    £24.17 ex VAT
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    MemRabel2 Dementia Reminder Clock

    The MemRabel 2 is a very effective solution for creating daily memory prompt alarms, which can provide reassurance and improve self-esteem for a person living independently. Family member...

    £129.17 ex VAT
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    Large Calendar Flip Clock

    The Large Calendar Flip Clock features large black hands and clear letters and is ideal for people with visual impairments and for those living with Dementia. AVAILABLE IN RED

    £145.83 ex VAT
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    Talking Button Clock

    The Talking Button Clock is perfect for those people who are partially sighted or blind as well as those who live with memory loss. At the press of a button a loud clear voice tells the t...

    £16.58 ex VAT
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    Relish Day Hub - Dementia Reminder Clock

    This new Day hub Reminder clock is the first of its kind, the Day hub allows you to customise your daily tasks at regular times every day. You can pair this with the Day connect which hel...

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    £145.83 ex VAT
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    Relish Day Connect Dementia Clock

    This Day Connect Dementia clock makes it easy to see the time and date as it has a HD display. When paired with the Day Hub this will make it easier to stay on top of your schedule.

    £83.32 ex VAT
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    Dementia Day Hub and Day Connect Bundle

    This bundle consists of both the Day Hub and Day Connect which work together to help with your day to day tasks and make your life easier.

    £208.33 ex VAT
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