Amplified telephones are designed to help those with impaired hearing. They include features such as louder ringer and receiver volumes.

Phones with large button keys make it easier to use the phone, see and dial numbers. These phones are also useful for those with reduced dexterity due to conditions like arthritis.

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    MyDECT100 Amplified Cordless Telephone

    This MyDECT100 Amplified Cordless Telephone has an adjustable receiving volume control and 5 levels of ringer volumes, making it easy to hear. Has a big button keypad and LCD screen.

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    Doro Phone Easy 100w

    The Doro Phone Easy 100w is an easy to use cordless phone with amplified sound up to 30dB.

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    The PhotoPhone 100 allows ID photos to be used for dialling, along with numbers. The big button telephone has an adjustable receiving volume. It also features a hands free speakerphone.

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    Doro Secure 580 Mobile Phone

    Incredibly easy to use with only 4 pre-programmed outgoing numbers and features GPS localization to let people know where you are.

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    Doro Magna 4000

    The Doro Magna 4000 corded phone is popular choice for anyone with moderate to severe hearing loss. Clear display for showing names and numbers and other useful functions.

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    Doro PhoneEasy 311C

    The Doro PhoneEasy 311C features big buttons for easy dialling and incoming calls can be seen and heard by the flashing ring indicator. Ideal for both the visually and hearing impaired.

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    Geemarc AmpliDECT 595

    The Geemarc AmpliDECT 595 features large backlit keys and adjustable receiving volume of up to +50dB. There are ten one-touch photo memory buttons which enable you to contact loved ones i...

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