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Exercise and Therapy Aids

We offer a wide selection of therapy and exercise aids including pedal exercisers, hand exercisers, massagers and sleeping aids.

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    Blood Glucose Monitoring System

    The Blood Glucose Monitor is an innovative way to check and control blood sugar levels. The monitor gives incredible accurate results within seconds and has a switchable dual scale. Addit...

    £14.08 ex VAT
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    Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

    The Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor is a non-invasive way of accurately measuring BP and heart rate. The results are instantly displayed on the large LCD screen, and are clear and easy to un...

    £23.25 ex VAT
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    Forehead Thermometer

    The Forehead Thermometer allows you to check temperatures accurately and without making contact. The thermometer uses infrared technology to get a temperature reading within seconds. The ...

    £15.42 ex VAT
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    Blood Pressure Monitor

    The Drive Blood Pressure Monitor accurately measures your BP using an upper arm reading. The large LCD screen will instantly display your results and identify any irregularities with your...

    £24.92 ex VAT
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    Blood Glucose Monitor

    The Drive Blood Glucose Monitor allows you to independently track your blood sugar levels to help avoid unpleasant symptoms associated with diabetes. The monitor is simple to use and prod...

    £14.08 ex VAT
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    Thermometer Probe Covers

    The Thermometer Probe Covers ensure hygiene is always maintained during temperature checks. The covers are disposable and ideal for medical and care home environments. Each pack contains ...

    £4.98 ex VAT
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    Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display

    The Pedal Exerciser with Digital Display is ideal for rehabilitation and low impact exercise. The easy-to-use device can be used while sitting comfortably at home and has an inbuilt compu...

    £28.25 ex VAT
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    Simple Music Player

    The Simple Music Player is easy to operate and has been specifically designed for people living with Dementia. Simply lift the lid to start playing music. Music can have very beneficial e...

    £104.17 ex VAT
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    Digital Pedal Exerciser

    A simple pedal exerciser which can be used to exercise both your legs and arms whilst seated. Features digital display monitor and resistance adjustment

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    Pedal Exerciser

    This Pedal Exerciser can work both the upper and lower body. It is excellent for gentle exercise at home, and has an adjustment resistance knob and non-slip feet.

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    Gel Ball Hand Exerciser

    These Gel Ball Hand Exercisers are colour coded to provide variable resistance exercises for hands, fingers forearms.

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    Massage Balls

    These Massage Balls are great for removing tension and stimulating blood circulation. Available in 3 different sizes.

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    • Pedal exercisers can be used to gently exercise the lower and upper body to improve co-ordination, circulation and muscle strength. They can be used while sitting down - however always check with your doctor before trying this if recovering from surgery or suffering from a chronic condition.
    • Hand exercisers help stimulate blood circulation and also improve and develop dexterity, muscle tone and grip strength. They can help to treat conditions such as repetitive strain injury, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis.
    • Massagers and heating pads to help muscle recovery, boost circulation and offer relief from aches and pains.
    • Sleeping aids like the Relax Snore Stopper, which encourages the user to change position when necessary.
    • Exercise DVDs designed for people over 50, of varying fitness levels, including beginners.
    • Burst-resistant exercise balls, in a range of sizes, to offer support when working out.

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