Movement Sensors

Movement Sensors

Movement sensors use infra-red to detect motion around the home and provide either a local or remote alert and record that movement for review by a carer or family member. Many now use associated mobile phone apps to monitor activity. This range includes wifi video cameras that can be used to monitor who is at the door.

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    Border Control System

    The border patrol safety system is an electronic enterance monitoring device. The device creates an invisable infrared beam between the two units. (Upto 20 metres apart) . Alarm is sounde...

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    Motion Activated Memo Reminder

    The Motion Activated Memo Reminder enables you to record a 20 second message that is automatically played when a person walks into the detection beam. Can be used to remind an elderly per...

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    Wi-Fi PIR Movement Security Alarm

    The Wi-Fi PIR Movement Security Alarm is the ideal solution if you are concerned about a family member who lives alone . When the sensor is triggered an alarm signal is sent to your smart...

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    Talking PIR Motion Sensor Pro

    The Talking PIR Motion Sensor enables you to record up to a 4 minute message that is played as soon someone walks past the sensor. It can be very beneficial for people living with Dementi...

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    Wi-Fi Door Security Alarm

    This Wi-Fi Door Security Alarm is perfect for monitoring family members you are concerned may be at risk of wandering. It simply connects to your home broadband router and provides alerts...

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    PIR Movement Sensor Alarm

    The PIR movement sensor alarm is ideal for monitoring people who are at risk of wandering away from home or at risk of falls. The PIR movement sensor has an integral transmitter to signal...

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    Watch and Care V160 Monitoring System

    The V160 advanced monitoring system is ideal if you are a carer of an elderly family member. The set comprises a camera and high resolution colour monitor that transmits picture and sound...

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    LED motion sensor light

    The LED Motion Sensor Light helps prevent trips or falls when getting out of bed in the night. The easy to set up sensor reacts to movement by lighting up to show the path to the user. It...

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