Toilet Frames & Supports

Toilet Frames & Surrounds

Frames and surrounds support those with difficulty sitting on the toilet, or rising from it. They provide handles either side of the toilet and can also come with seats to raise the height of the toilet.

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    President Adjustable Width Toilet Seat and Frame

    The President Toilet Seat and Frame is both height and width adjustable and features a clip-on/clip-off toilet seat. It is the ideal solution for people who struggle to lower themselves o...

    £49.17 ex VAT
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    Mowbray Lite Flatpack

    The Adjustable Mowbray Toilet Seat and Frame, raises the height of the toilet to make it easier for the user to lower themselves down onto it. Made to be as comfortable and durable as pos...

    £44.58 ex VAT
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    Etac Supporter Toilet Arm Supports

    The Etac Supporter arm supports can easily be folded and have comfortable rounded hand grips to help the user when standing up. It is simple to mount without the need for tools and featur...

    £154.17 ex VAT
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    Prima Toilet Aid

    The new Prima Toilet Aid range features 2 types of frame and a choice of 3 different seat types to suit your individual needs. Both frames are height adjustable. Available fully assembled...

    £61.33 ex VAT
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    Mens Toilet Aid

    This toilet aid features a horseshoe seat which offers improved comfort and hygiene for male users due to the cutaway front. Height adjustable and available fully assembled or in a flatpa...

    £60.00 ex VAT
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    Bariatric Toilet Aid

    The Bariatric Toilet Aid is suitable for the heavier user and is designed to fit over a traditional toilet to provide a higher seating position.

    £98.33 ex VAT
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    Prima Toilet Multi-Frame

    The Prima Toilet Multi-Frame is a toilet frame with a seat that provides the user with assistance when lowering andrising from the toilet. The frame is height adjustable to ensure it is a...

    £136.67 ex VAT
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    Prima Shower Multi-Frame

    The Prima Shower Multi-Frame is a an adjustable height frame with a clip-onseat that provides assistance to the user when showering.

    £136.67 ex VAT
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    Buckingham Foldeasy Toilet Frame Surround

    The Buckingham Foldeasy Portable Folding Toilet Frame is an easy to use and convenient toilet frame that offers stability to the user when getting onto and off the toilet.

    £70.83 ex VAT
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    Prima Multi-Frame Clip-on Arm Rests

    These clip-on arm rests is provide additional comfort to the user when fitted on to the Prima Multi-frame.

    £21.25 ex VAT
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    Toilet Safety Frame

    The toilet safety frame provides the user with a secure handgrip and resting position whilst on the toilet. The frame is simple to attach to the toilet, using the existing seat. The arms ...

    £82.25 ex VAT
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    Kibworth Toilet Frame

    The Kibworth Free Standing Toilet Frame is made from a steel frame that locates around your toilet to offer toileting support.

    £52.50 ex VAT
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    You can also choose frames with:

    • Padded armrests.
    • Comfortable hand grips.
    • Adjustable height and width, so it can be adapted to the user’s needs.

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