Positioning Aids

Bed Posture & Support Aids

Positioning aids are used to provide spcific support when lying in bed. They include rolls, wedges and blocks, usually made from foam with a semi-waterproof cover.

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    Cromer Cantilever (Bed Cradle)

    The Sidhil Cromer Cantilever is a simple frame that fits around the mattress to raise the bed covers from sensitive areas of skin.

    £21.25 ex VAT
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    Solite Mattress Infill (Loose)

    The loose Solite side rail infills are designed to fill the gap between a static mattress on a Sidhil Solite bed and the Solite Safe-Side full length mesh side rail.

    £150.42 ex VAT
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    Mattress Tilter

    This Mattress Tilter can be placed under the mattress to relieve the symptoms of swollen ankles, varicose veins or lower back pain, and also to relieve respiratory symptoms.

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    M.A.P Pressure Monitoring System

    The M.A.P is a pressure monitoring system which can be used on any mattress system to provide a real time visual ‘pressure map’ of the patients body and clearly define areas of high press...

    £4568.92 ex VAT
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    Side Wedges With Connecting Sheet

    The side wedges with conencting sheet are designed to help prevet people falling out of of bed without the use of siderails. The connecting sheet can be washed or wiped clean.

    £109.50 ex VAT
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    Webbing Bed Ladder

    This multi-coloured Webbing Bed Ladder is a great product that is both easy to attach and to use. It helps people either sit up or lie down independently and in a controlled manner. Avail...

    £12.50 ex VAT
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    Patient Pole with Triangle

    The Patient Pole with Triangle from Drive DeVilbiss is a bedroom positioning aid that is made for use with Casa beds.

    £73.33 ex VAT
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    Softform Flexipad

    The Invacare Flexipads are a practical solution to maintaining a comfortable position to aid injury recovery. The pad is filled with silicone gel that can be manipulated into the best pos...

    £65.83 ex VAT
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    The Handling BedBlocks allows the user to gradually move themselves up the bed without the assistance of a caregiver. Each block features an easy grip handle and a non-slip base to allow ...

    £57.50 ex VAT
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