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Products to help you move and transfer from one position to another with ease.

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    Ambiturn Sit To Stand Transfer Aid

    The Ambiturn Sit to Stand Transfer Aid assists with pivoting transfers between different seat surfaces and can helps transport users short distances.

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    Ablestand Patient Turner

    The Ablestand Patient Turner is a sturdy steel frame which provides stable support for the user.

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    Orbital Transfer Platform

    The Orbital Transfer Platform assists an individual who is weight bearing and has good upper strength to transfer from one seated position to another.The platform pivots between sitting s...

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    Orbi-Turn Patient Turner

    The Orbi-turn Patient Turner enables carers to facilitate standing and seat-to-seat transfers whilst minimizing the risk of injury to themselves or the patient. The turner allows a client...

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    Able Assist Patient Transfer Aid

    The Able Assist Patient Transfer Aid can be used around the home to help provide a safer and easier way of transferring a client. This is the standard version of the 12063. Maximum user w...

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    Slide Sheets Moving And Handling

    Slide sheets are made from a strong nylon and reduces manual handling effort and strain. They are invaluable when moving a person on or off a bed. They help to turn the person in bed and ...

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    Secure Sit & Slide Fitted Sheet

    The new all-in-one secure sit and slide sheet is designed to aid easier movement in bed and features a special grip fabric at the sides and foot end.

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    Transfer Turn Table

    The Transfer turn table is ideal for any day to day transfers. Allows a full 360 degree rotation and can be used when transferring a user to and from a bed, chair, commode or car.

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    Integra Tilt in Space Chair

    The Integra Shell Seat helps the user to stand up from the chair using a tilt action which is operated by a gas strut. Available in seat widths of 16", 18" and 20".

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    Sidhil Portable Bedhead Hoist

    The portable electric bedhead hoist has been designed for everyday indoor use as an aid to transfer a person from bed to chair, wheelchair, commode or other such items.

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    Oxford Midi 180 Electric Hoist

    The Oxford Midi 180 has become the 'gold standard' hoist in homecare and offers the perfect solution for community and nursing environments.

    £729.17 ex VAT
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