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Cups For The Elderly

Our cups and mugs make it easier for people with limited coordination and control over movement to drink without assistance.

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    Anti-Spill Mug

    The Anti-Spill mug has a clever suction design which keeps the vessel glued to any flat, non-porous surface. This makes the mug better at resisting knocks. 470ml capacity and is BPA free....

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    Thermo Mug

    The Thermo Mug has a double-sided wall that ensures drinks are kept at the desired temperature for a long time. It features a large, ergonomically shaped handle and is break-proof as well...

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    Two Handled Mug with Internal Cone

    This Two Handled Mug is conically shaped inside which means the user can have a drink without having to lean their head back. It is very useful for those people who are bed bound as it me...

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    Mug with Internal Cone

    This Mug features an internal cone that gets narrower towards the bottom and means the user can have a drink without having to lean their head back. It is very useful for those people wit...

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    Non-Slip Cup

    The Non-slip Cup made out of a special material that creates an excellent non-slip surface making it perfect for wet or shaky hands. It is break-proof so extremely durable and can be safe...

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    Spouted Lid with Small Opening

    This spouted lid is only suitable for use with the Ornamin range of cups (product code 13676,13678, 13680 & 13685) and is suitable for people with limited movement in the neck and people ...

    £2.92 ex VAT
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    Etac Beaker with Handle/Lid

    This Etac beaker is suitable for those with reduced co-ordination and allows various grips. It can be used with or without the lid

    £33.42 ex VAT
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    The Hydrant Drinking System

    The Hydrant drinks system allows those with limited mobility to take a drink whenever they want, without assistance, reducing the chance of dehydration.

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    Novo Cup - for use lying down

    The Novo Cup is ideal for those who are in bed, lying down or have restricted head and neck movement. The 250ml cup is dishwasher and microwave safe

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    Sure Grip Mug with Small Aperture Lid

    This feeding cup is designed with an angled spout to facilitate ease of use. Grooves in the cup ensure a better grip and the unique lid enables flow control

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    Transparent Mug with Two Handles

    This two handled mug is made from clear, high strength plastic with dual handles for a secure grip, and the wide base helps prevent tipping.

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    Caring Mug

    This Caring Mug has two large angled handles to assist weak or restricted grip. Available with fixed handles or adjustable handles to offer a customoised grip. Supplied with a spouted lid.

    £12.83 ex VAT
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    Our range includes:

    • The Novo Cup which can be used by people with difficulty lifting or turning their head.
    • Water bottles with straws for drinking hands free or without tilting.
    • The Rije Dysphagia Cup for people with difficulty swallowing.
    • Beakers with lids to prevent spills.
    • Cups with two handles.
    • Shatterproof mugs.

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