Chopping Boards

Chopping Boards

Our chopping boards and workstations are designed to help with common food preparation tasks like chopping, grating and spreading condiments. We have workstations to secure vegetables for one-handed chopping and boards with clamps and spikes to hold small food items in place.

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    Food Preparation Board

    This attractive wooden food preparation has been under development for over 10 years and is designed to assist those with weak hand function or who have the use of just one hand. It offer...

    £74.17 ex VAT
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    Non-Slip Cutting Board

    The Non-Slip Cutting Board is made from scratchproof melamine and features rims on three sides to prevent items such as a slice of bread sliding off. It allows people with limited hand mo...

    £13.75 ex VAT
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    Etac Food Preparation Board

    The Etac Food Preparation Board has vice type jaws that can hold food or a piece of kitchen equipment and a detachable spiked plate which can hold small pieces of food for cutting.

    £40.83 ex VAT
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    Thoughtfully designed for one handed use this Spreadboard allows you to spread condiments easier.

    Not eligible for VAT Relief
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    Food Preparation System

    This Food Preparation System is a durable cutting board ideal for those with difficulty gripping, or only have the use of one hand. Comes with a clamp and spikes, to keep items still when...

    £80.42 ex VAT
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    Kitchen Workstation

    This Kitchen Workstation is an easy to use multi functional food preparation unit, providing assistance with everyday kitchen tasks.

    £69.08 ex VAT
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    Plastic Spreadboard Standard

    The Plastic Spread Board with Spikes features a raised L-shape in one corner to aid one handed bread spreadng. Spikes hold the bread or vegetables in place while being chopped.

    £4.25 ex VAT
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    Kitchen Spreader Board

    The Kitchen Spreader Board allows you to prepare snacks and meals using just one hand. The non-slip feet allow the board to remain in place when in use.

    £6.58 ex VAT
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