Slide Sheets

Slide Sheets

Slide or sliding sheets are made from a low-friction material and are invaluable when moving or repositioning a patient in bed, when turning a patient over in bed and when sitting the patient up. Using slide sheets minimises the likelihood of carers incurring back injuries and provides a more dignified and comfortable movement for the patient. They are available in many different sizes and shapes and can even be used to help put on slings or stop a person slipping down in a bed or chair.

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    Secure Sit & Slide Fitted Sheet

    The new all-in-one secure sit and slide sheet is designed to aid easier movement in bed and features a special grip fabric at the sides and foot end.

    £54.17 ex VAT
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    Washable Tubular Slide Sheets

    These Washable Slide Sheets are very useful when either moving a patient on or off a bed, for turning a patient and as an aid to sitting the patient up in bed.

    £9.08 ex VAT
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    Slide Sheets Moving And Handling

    Slide sheets are made from a strong nylon and reduces manual handling effort and strain. They are invaluable when moving a person on or off a bed. They help to turn the person in bed and ...

    £24.17 ex VAT
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    Glide and Lock Sheets

    These Glide and Lock sheets help you to sit further back in a chair or wheelchair or further up in bed and they prevent you from slipping back down due to the integral locking mechanism. ...

    £39.08 ex VAT
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