Standing Hoists

Standing Hoists

A standing hoist (also known as a Stand Aid hoist) is a device that is used to lift and transfer a person from sitting to a standing position.  They are battery powered and use a secure belt or sling to raise a patient into a standing position and transfer them very short distances to another seat, toilet or bed. They require more interaction and assistance from the patient than a regular hoist and so allow the person to maintain more independence and dignity.

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    Oxford Journey

    The Oxford Journey is a top of the range standing aid, that allows patients an active part in the process while protecting the caregiver from injury. The device is simple to use and can b...

    £1412.50 ex VAT
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    Oxford Ascend

    Make everyday transfers easy with the Oxford Ascend, a simple to use standing aid. The compact device fits into even the tightest of spaces. Made for patient comfort the aid features adju...

    £2208.33 ex VAT
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    Novaltis Lift Aid

    The Novaltis lift aid enables users to be efficiently transferred from a bed to chair or a chair to a commode. The Novaltis lift aid allows the user to participate with lift and this enco...

    £1079.17 ex VAT
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