Transfer Boards

Transfer boards are used to move from one seat to another of equal height - for example from a wheelchair to a commode. They have a smooth surface to slide across and tapered ends. They may be straight, angled or banana board in shape and made from wood or plastic.

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    Bamboo Transfer Board

    The Bamboo Straight Transfer Board can be used to help aid a person from their wheelchair to the car or on to a bed or a chair.Two size options of 24" or 30".

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    Quintal Banana Transfer Board

    The Quintal Banana Transfer Board has been designed to allow safe side to side transfers and is beneficial for those users that have limited strength.

    £153.67 ex VAT
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    Assure Safety Transfer Board

    The Assure Safety Transfer Board is a plastic translucent board that allows the user to clearly see transfer surface edges.

    £173.75 ex VAT
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    Quintal ET Transfer Board

    The Quintal ET straight Transfer Board is designed to assist the user when transferring from one location to another.

    £114.25 ex VAT
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    Curved Transfer Board

    This Curved Transfer Board is designed to enable easy use in all transfer situations, eg. chair to wheelchair to car. Allows a variety of positioning options and a natural sweeping patter...

    £27.25 ex VAT
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    Samarit Transfer Boards

    Transfer Boards are used to bridge the gap between two sitting surfaces eg bed to chair, chair to commode and wheelchair to car, and allow a person to transfer between the two. They are l...

    £62.50 ex VAT
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