Indoor Trolleys

Indoor Trolleys

Indoor trolleys provide grip and stability, so people who struggle with movement and coordination can safely transport items around the house. You can choose between trays made of plastic and steel or wood. Many of the trolleys are also useful walking aids and their height can be adjusted. The Retford Trolley can be used in catering environments too.

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    2 Shelf Kitchen Trolley Walker

    A robust kitchen trolley designed to help people with limited strength levels to transport meals, drinks and other items around the home in a safe manner.

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    Rutland Adjustable Trolley

    The Rutland Adjustable Trolley is constructed from welded plastic coated steel which makes it extremely robust.

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    Handy Trolley With Brakes

    Sturdy and robust, the Handy Trolley with Brakes is ideal for around the home with easy to clean plastic shelves.

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    Height Adjustable Kitchen Trolley with Brakes

    Ideal for transferring meals and various items around the home, the Height Adjustable Kitchen Trolley with Brakes is a handy mobility aid that's created with highly durable materials.

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    Trolley Walker

    This height adjustable, sturdy Trolley Walker is the ideal walking aid for transporting items from one room to another.

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    Derwent Trolley Walker

    The Derwent Trolley Walker has been designed to allow users who are unsteady on their feet to safely transfer food or other heavy items from room to room.

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    Folding Walsall Trolley

    This Folding Walsall Trolley can be folded easily and quickly for transport or storage. Handles height adjustable and angled for extra comfort, improved grip and stability.

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    Walsall Trolley With Large Castors

    The Walsall Trolley is cream in colour. Steel frame with white coated shelves for easy cleaning

    £179.17 ex VAT
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    Rutland Adjustable Trolley with Push Bar

    The Rutland Trolley features a simple height adjustment and a push bar that enables users to safely carry items around the home. Ideal for those with limited mobility and strength.

    £87.50 ex VAT
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    Isobel Trolley

    The Isobel Trolley with basket is handy for indoor use. The clip on tray is easily removed for cleaning. Includes a basket and height adjustable handles.

    £125.00 ex VAT
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    Topro Hestia Indoor Rollator

    The Topro Hestia Indoor Rollator is ideal for indoor use such as around the home. Featuring a height adjustable handrail and brake lever, that only requires one hand to operate. To aid in...

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