Patient Turners

Patient Turners

A patient turner or patient transfer aid is a piece of equipment that allows a carer to help a patient to go from a sit-to-stand-to-sit in the same place with a turn from one seat to the next. It is used in the moving and handling process to safely assist patients in moving from a bed, chair or wheelchair to stand and then sit on an alternate seat already positioned next to them. It makes the movement easier for the carer and more dignified, comfortable and safer for the patient. These aids are not designed to move a person around a room.

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    Ablestand Patient Turner

    The Ablestand Patient Turner is a sturdy steel frame which provides stable support for the user.

    £415.00 ex VAT
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    Orbi-Turn Patient Turner

    The Orbi-turn Patient Turner enables carers to facilitate standing and seat-to-seat transfers whilst minimizing the risk of injury to themselves or the patient. The turner allows a client...

    £288.75 ex VAT
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    Orbital Transfer Platform

    The Orbital Transfer Platform assists an individual who is weight bearing and has good upper strength to transfer from one seated position to another.The platform pivots between sitting s...

    £479.17 ex VAT
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    Rota Stand Compact

    The Rota Stand Compact is a folding patient turner weighing only 10kg. It features a height adjustable frame with shin pads and central wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Max user weight of...

    £331.67 ex VAT
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    MediDisk Turntable

    The MediDisk is a free moving turntable, designed for individuals to stand on and transfer up to 360 degrees with only the help of one caregiver. The device features a unique design to en...

    £68.33 ex VAT
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