Rota-Pro Bariatric Chair Bed


The Rota-Pro Chair bed helps bariatric users get into and out of bed. The bed manoeuvres the user into a seated position, allowing them to simply push themselves up to standing. This particular model has a safe working load of 175 kg. The bed also features all the attributes of a profiling bed.

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About the Rota-Pro Bariatric Chair Bed

The Apex Rota Pro Bariatric Chair Bed is one of the best products on the market to help give back a level of independence and dignity. Simply stated the Bariatric Chair Bed provides a comfortable and straightforward solution to getting into and out of bed.

The easy-to-use bed can turn into a sit and stand chair position at the click of a button. Once the bed has reached the sat-up position it will turn to allow the users legs to swing over the bed. All the user then has to do is use the conveniently placed grab handles to push themselves into a standing position. The mechanisms can be adjusted to rotate either left or right depending on the desired direction. It really is that simple!

The Chair Bed has a safe working load of 175 kg (27 stone) perfect for larger users. Using the bed eliminates the need for aids such as hoists and careers and thereby giving back some vital independence.

The Rota-Pro Chair bed does not compromise on comfort and has all the usual attributes of a high-quality profiling bed as standard. The pressure relief mattress also features tailor made bedding to hold the pillow in a supportive place. The bed can be electronically adjusted to the required heigh to ensure the user does not over stretch to the floor or that a caregiver needs to excessively bed and risk injury.

Traditional features of profiling beds such as supportive back, leg and knee support are also included. The mattress has a waterproof cover to protect the internal mechanisms from any spills or leaks. The cover is easy to clean to promote good hygiene standards.

Available in two height sizes.

  • Safe working load of 175 kg
  • Electronically adjusted
  • pressure relief mattress
  • Back, leg and knee support
  • Available in two height sizes


For more information please read the product specification.

Rota-Pro Bariatric Chair Bed Specification

 Overall width 1000 mm (39")
Overall length 2200 mm (87")
Total weight 215 kg (34 stone)
Maximum user weight 185 kg (29 stone)

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