Leg Lifters

Leg Lifters

Leg lifters are useful for people who have had a hip injury, or a hip replacement. They help the user easily and safely raise or lower their leg.

They can be single or double handed. We also have an electric leg lifter which is discreet, lightweight and portable.

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    The electric Leglifter helps you to independently lift your legs into bed. It is lightweight, discreet and portable and fits most divan and slatted beds.

    £1208.33 ex VAT
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    Double Handed Leg Lifter

    The double handed leg lifter is designed to help people who cannot lift their leg with one hand. The two upper loops fit around the both of your hands and wrists and the lower stiffened l...

    £15.83 ex VAT
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    Leg Lifter Aid

    The Leg lifter is a personal aid to help lift your legs either on or off a bed, or wheelchair. Easy to use by positioning your leg in the foot loop and then pulling the strap using your h...

    £4.92 ex VAT
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    Deluxe Leg Lifter

    This Leg Lifter will make a big difference if you need help raising your feet in and out of bed or a vehicle. Just drop the lifter under your feet and then using the ladder-like handles a...

    £19.08 ex VAT
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    The Leg Up Leg Lifter

    The Helping Hand Leg Up Leg Lifter allows a patient to independently move their leg without tugging at clothing. The lifter easily loops around the foot even if wearing a protective boot,...

    £11.58 ex VAT
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