Door Phones

Door Phones

Our wireless doorbells and phones help alert you when someone is at the door. The wireless doorbell plays music and flashes a light while the door phone includes a video to show you who is at the door.

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    Wireless Video Door Phone

    The Lifemax Wireless Video Door Phone means you can see who is visiting your home aswell as being able to speak to them. The full colour wireless video door phone allows you to clearly se...

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    Wireless Doorbell and Alarm System

    Ideal for users that are hard of hearing, this doorbell and alarm system features a vibrating pager and an extra loud, flashing chime. The chime plugs into your mains while the vibrator a...

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    Wireless Driveway Monitor with Doorbell

    This easy to operate Driveway Monitor with doorbell is the ideal product to monitor your driveway or back garden. The PIR and the bell are water resistant and can go anywhere outside up t...

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    EchoChime300 Wireless Doorbell & Bellpush

    The EchoChime 300 is a high-quality alerting device, that comes pre paired with a wireless doorbell. The doorbell is easy to fit and weather resistant. The alerting device is loud soundin...

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    Bed Shaker

    The Bed Shaker Alert can be placed under a pillow or cushion to alert those who are deaf or hard of hearing to alarms within the home. The device produces a powerful vibration capable of ...

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    Telephone Signaller Transmitter

    The Telephone Signaller Transmitter plugs into a home telephone and pairs with an alerting device to indicate when a call is incoming. The transmitter is easy to plug into the phone and i...

    £41.50 ex VAT
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    Sound Sensor Transmitter

    The Sound Sensor Transmitter alerts those who are deaf or hard of hearing to someone at a door. The device is simple to set up and can be paired with a range of alerting devices. Once fit...

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